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Understand Deep Learning and build Neural Networks using TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras in Python and R
Complete Deep Learning Course to Master Data science, Tensorflow, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks
Learn to create machine learning algorithms in Python for students and professionals
870 712
Deep Learning based Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for Image recognition using Keras and Tensorflow in R Studio
Simple Regression & Multiple Regression| must-know for Machine Learning & Econometrics | Linear Regression in R studio
27 June 2022
हिंदी में सीखें Basics of Machine Learning - covers Simple Linear Regression & Multiple Linear regression in Python
24 April 2022
This course will teach you Deep learning focusing on Convolution Neural Networks architectures
16 February 2022
How To Go From Developer To Successful Machine Learning Entrepreneur
1549 1137
18 January 2022
HyperSense AI - Studio - the first step towards becoming a citizen data scientist
26 January 2021
Learn all about neural networks in this second installation of the machine learning simplified series.
27 November 2020
Take the first step into machine learning for bioinformatics with a step-by-step approach
23 October 2020
Conheça conceitos e Técnicas Utilizadas para Tornar a Inteligência Artificial mais Compreensível para Humanos
02 September 2020
Start here to build your first Rasa assistant
23 August 2020
Taking First Step Towards Machine Learning
08 May 2020.
Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence