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Python basics Learn Python for Data Science Python For Machine learning and Python Tips and tricks
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Learn neural networks (and back-propagation) theory and implementation in Python
05 September 2020
A practical Data Science Hands-on Guided Project on Graduate Admission Prediction Using Machine Learning
02 September 2020
Start here to build your first Rasa assistant
23 August 2020
Understanding Machine Learning as a Business Capability
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23 August 2020
Taking First Step Towards Machine Learning
22 August 2020
Ideas on Machine Learning & Linear Regression using scikit-learn in Python and predicting the positive cases for COVID19
15 August 2020
Machine Learning in Android Using Play Services Vision | Face Detection | Face Recogniser | Detect face on Android
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13 August 2020
Machine Learning in Android | Text recognition | Text Detection
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10 July 2020
Learn how to kick start your Data Science career with NLP. Spacy is foundation of today's modern NLP.
03 July 2020.
Learn what you should be doing today to prepare your career for the coming wave of AI automation!
19 June 2020.
Learn the most powerful machine learning algorithms in under an hour
13 May 2020
Using Deep Learning to split any songs to vocals, drums, bass and other instruments
08 May 2020.
Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
05 May 2020.
Learn PyTorch from the very basics to advanced models like Generative Adverserial Networks and Image Captioning