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17 November 2019
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: artificial intelligence for beginners, AI for beginners course.
17 November 2019
With Amazon Sumerian, Lex and Polly!
15 November 2019.
Introductory Machine Learning course covering theory, algorithms and applications.
09 November 2019
Learn Machine Learning from scratch and go from zero to hero in Machine Learning
05 November 2019
If you to become a Python 3 Developer , Learn Web Development, Machine Learning ,this course is right for you.
27 October 2019
Introduction to 50 Must know Topics of Machine Learning,Data science. Understand machine Learning Syllabus.
26 October 2019
Mathematics, Statistics, Probability, Quant for Machine Learning, IIM CAT, GMAT and other competitive exams
23 October 2019.
Comienza a programar en un lenguaje de alto nivel desde cero hasta principios de Machine Learning
17 October 2019.
Learn the cutting-edge Algorithms in the field of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more!
07 October 2019.
Introduzione ai comandi base di linux: files e cartelle
03 October 2019
Learn Regular Expressions, NumPy, Pandas, OOP and Database programming in addition to basic Python.
26 September 2019
Aprende a usar TensorFlow, el framework de Google para Deep Learning
20 September 2019
Learn Machine Learning like a professional! Start as a beginner and go all the way to advanced from scratch.
18 September 2019
本サイトに登録されている各種講座を利用して、機械学習・人工知能(AI)・ データ分析を学習している/するつもりの全ての方に、効果的な講座の組合せ方や進め方をお教えします。
10 September 2019
Ultimate Deep Learning course