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Hands-on ML with Python, Pandas, Regression, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, and more! [Free Coupons in Description]
26 January 2021
Learn all about neural networks in this second installation of the machine learning simplified series.
04 December 2020
Please download the kaggle for the code
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27 November 2020
Take the first step into machine learning for bioinformatics with a step-by-step approach
23 October 2020
Conheça conceitos e Técnicas Utilizadas para Tornar a Inteligência Artificial mais Compreensível para Humanos
02 September 2020
Start here to build your first Rasa assistant
23 August 2020
Taking First Step Towards Machine Learning
19 June 2020.
Learn the most powerful machine learning algorithms in under an hour
08 May 2020.
Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
05 May 2020.
Learn PyTorch from the very basics to advanced models like Generative Adverserial Networks and Image Captioning
02 May 2020
Aprenda de forma fácil e intuitiva o que são e como funcionam as redes neurais artificiais
19 April 2020
Apply your Deep Learning skills and create your own end-to-end Image Search engine!
10 April 2020.
Use Regression to predict Combined Cycle Power Plant electrical energy output with ANN
27 March 2020.
Descopera cum functioneaza robotii si cum ii poti controla prin programare, chiar daca nu ai mai scris cod pana acum.
26 March 2020
PyTorch Basics & Linear Regression