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10 February 2020
Learn Machine Learning like a professional! Start as a beginner and go all the way to advanced from scratch.
04 February 2020
Mathematics, Statistics, Probability, Quant for Machine Learning, IIM CAT, GMAT and other competitive exams
29 January 2020.
Discussing the principles behind the most used Machine Learning algorithms
20 January 2020
FREE Course on Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Data Visualization using Python and R Programming
13 January 2020
A Prerequisite to Learn Machine Learning
12 January 2020
Deep learning applied to a self-driving car simulation
09 January 2020
This course is for all those people who wants to get a brief idea on Tensorflow.JS in 2020
21 December 2019.
Demystifying Word Embeddings with fastText and machine learning
14 December 2019.
Python, Docker, Flask, GitLab, Jenkins tools and technology used for deploy model in your Local server. A complete Guide
04 December 2019
Python ile beraber Veri Analizi ( Numpy , Pandas ) ve Veri Görselleştirmeyi ( Matplotlib ve Seaborn ) Öğreneceksiniz
01 December 2019.
Domina las bases de programación de Python3 y R para formarte en Machine Learning, la profesión mejor pagada del mundo
24 November 2019
Machine Learning for dummies
09 November 2019
Learn Machine Learning from scratch and go from zero to hero in Machine Learning
05 November 2019
If you to become a Python 3 Developer , Learn Web Development, Machine Learning ,this course is right for you.
27 October 2019
Introduction to 50 Must know Topics of Machine Learning,Data science. Understand machine Learning Syllabus.